Class of 2013-02
The Camden County Sheriff's Office, Citizen's Academy Inaugural Class of 2013-02

The Citizen’s Academy is established especially for citizens who are 18 years of age and older who are interested in establishing a productive partnership with members of local law enforcement and public safety.

The ten week academy will meet one evening per week for approximately 2-3 hours per session. The class sessions will cover virtually every aspect of law enforcement. The curriculum will inform the students of operational dynamics of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, and the critical role citizens play in crime control efforts.

In addition to classroom training, the Academy students will be required to participate in action-oriented activities, riding with deputies on patrol, a tour of the detention center, mock crime scene processing, familiarization with firearms, mock traffic stops.

Seating is limited so applications will be reviewed, references will be checked, and a criminal history of the applicant will be completed to insure outstanding citizens of the community are participating in the academy.

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The Camden County Sheriff’s Office is offering future academies in 2015. Please enroll using the form below. All information should be directed to Captain Larry Bruce. You may mail the application to the Sheriff's Office or deliver the application to the receptionist during normal office hours.

Registration Form and Release Form