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The 911 Dispatch Center, located at 209 E. 4th Street in Woodbine, coordinates all emergency and non-emergency calls in Camden County for a wide variety of public safety agencies; those include the Sheriff’s Office, the Kingsland Police Department, the St. Marys Police Department, the Georgia State Patrol, Camden County Fire Rescue, Kingsland Fire Rescue, the St. Marys Fire Department, Georgia Forestry, Animal Control and Search & Rescue.

A 911 dispatcher requires a great deal of training and the ability to truly multitask. Dispatchers in Camden County serve a vital role as the true first responders when an emergency erupts. They must be able to quickly and efficiently determine the nature of the emergency, provide certain first aid information if necessary, and dispatch the appropriate response personnel. Dispatchers must be calm and collected while often in the midst of chaotic and emotionally difficult situations.

Please note, if you need assistance that is not an emergency use our non-emergency number 912-729-1442.

On average, every 3.1 minutes a call is answered for service at the 911 Center. This equates to 463 calls per day.

Dispatchers also field a large number of general information questions from local citizens which come in on the non-emergency line 729-1442.