Strategic Technology Officer

Bryan Fewox


Bryan is a native of Camden County and has worked in the community in multiple facets. He worked for Gilman Paper Company for seventeen years beginning in 1979. He served as union officer in the United Paperworkers International Union Local 446 for fifteen years and was elected President of Local 446 in 1990. During his tenure he served as the Labor representative for the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center, Private Industry Council for the southeast district.

After resigning from Gilman, Bryan and a partner started an Internet Service Provider company in 1996. The internet was in its early stages in those days. It was there, that his interest and future would be cemented. Eaglenet would become a local staple as web sites and email would transform everyone’s lives. From the advent of Television ratings, TV ratings would actually drop for the first time in history due to the amount of time people spent on the Internet. Things would certainly change and how. As the evolution would continue it would bring about broadband internet with faster speeds and larger demands. Eaglenet was sold in 2002 to open a new chapter of life.

Bryan would move away from the tech industry for four years to establish Coastal Property Services. The company performed title examinations for Real Estate transactions. The company grew to cover multiple counties requiring this needed service. While the housing bubble would burst it did not slow services due to the necessity of refinancing requiring a new Title Exam but in 2006 it was time to sell the company and re-enter the tech field.

Bryan began his career at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office in 2006 as IT Director. The Director is responsible for the Sheriff’s Office Administration, Patrol Division, Jail Division, Warrants, Finance, Criminal Investigations, Court Security and 911 computer and network operations. The IT staff of four people service approximately 150 Employees and 175 computers. Asked about his greatest accomplishment, He said, “it would have to be the unification of a single software system solution connecting all of Camden County Public Safety into a shared system in 2013. It was a major accomplishment to work as the Project Manager with everything Public Safety Agency in Camden County. Seeing how working toward a set of common goals by the different jurisdictions was impressive to say the least.” This project was funded for five years using SPLOST funds approved by the cities and counties. The project was recognized by GA GMIS as “Project of the Year” for the state. Bryan said, “I think the public would be very surprised at the level of sophistication and complexity that this system provides to service the citizens of Camden”.

Bryan resigned from the Sheriff’s Office in August of 2016 and accepted a new position with a technology firm, Cpak Technologies. In September of 2017 the Camden County Sheriff’s Office contracted with CPAK to provide a Strategic Technology Officer and Bryan was once again working on behalf of the Sheriff and citizens of Camden County. When asked about returning Bryan said, “I’m proud to work with so many of the dedicated men and women who give of themselves without any thought to protect and defend the citizens of Camden County. Their job is not an easy task”. When asked about Bryan the Sheriff said…(“Brian is a valuable asset for the citizens of Camden County. His team keeps us up and running. I appreciate his skills more that he realizes."

Bryan Fewox