Jail Administrator

Major Rob Mastroianni


Jail Administrator, Major Rob Mastroianni, Sr. entered law enforcement after leaving the United States Marine Corps and has held several positions in his 20+ years after becoming a Certified Peace Officer in the State of Georgia. Mastroianni has been a Patrol Officer, Motorcycle Officer, Undercover Officer, Patrol Supervisor, Field Training Officer, Detective, Chief of Police, and Assistant Jail Administrator before rising to his present position as Jail Administrator.

In 1987, Major Mastroianni began his law enforcement career here in Camden County, and during that time he had a brief separation from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office to work with Gilman Paper Company, until its closure, and the Brunswick Police Department. Mastroianni returned to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, in his present position, at the request of Sheriff Jim Proctor, based on his education, knowledge and previous experience.

Rob is a graduate of The Citadel, with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and Columbia Southern University, with a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. He is a former Marine Corps Officer and has extensive command and leadership training. He is a family man who resides in Camden County with his wife; together they enjoy or endure the trials of parenthood.

Rob looks forward to serving the people of Camden County in our never ending endeavor to improve government operations and the lifestyle of the citizens in general.

Rob Mastroianni