Are you OK? Program Assists Local Citizens

A daily telephone call safety check is available to the citizens of Camden County. This free service is for the homebound, the unassisted, the elderly, or any other citizen who would benefit from a daily check. Under the program, dispatchers call citizens at a daily designated time and speak to the person being called to make sure they are ok. If no answer is received after the first call a second call is made shortly thereafter. If the second call elicits no response appropriate measures are taken to make contact with the person and determine their status. The flexible program is available countywide.

For anyone interested in registering for the "Are You OK?" program, a short application is available at the Sheriff’s Office in Woodbine or by calling the office at (912) 510-5100.

You can also download the applications below. Both forms are required to be completed.

Are You OK? Application

Are You OK? Waiver